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John Mueller's Genealogy Research *
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*Remember, ALWAYS a work in progress ... Standard disclaimer: The information presented here
has been collected from various sources, some of it my work, some of it that of others.
It is intended to be used as a research tool, "leads," rather than definitive in all respects.
There are bound to be errors, due to misreading or data entry or recording errors, by me or others,
as well as faulty family memories. Such problems seem just inherent in a large database.
Let me know what you see as errors, and I urge you to help find tangible records.
I update these files regularly, sometimes even daily when research has been productive!
I hope each update is an improvement in scope and quality, your help is most welcome.

Twas a long voyage in this direction, and is proving longer going backwards!
Comments, corrections, suggestions, invited.


Some of the resources I'm finding useful ... NOTE; I started this research 25+ years ago. I no longer seriously try to update the links/resources below. They worked once upon a time, but web sites disappear for a variety of reasons. "Sometimes" the old URL can be found at the WAYBACK MACHINE, sometimes not.

Don't overlook the GENERIC SEARCH ENGINES - they are FREE, they don't all have the same stuff, and they go beyond the material that has been deliberately archived at genealogy sites. (Yes, there is junk on the WWW, but mistakes on the genealogy archives too, always double check!)
Google, and Google-ancestors Yahoo Ask.com
Try these formats, for example
(note quotes, capitals, parentheses):
    "Joe Blow" +("family tree" OR genealogy), or
    "Joe Blow" AND Missouri, or
    "Joe Blow" +Missouri
For Google:
    (1) Enter"Joe Blow" (ancestor's name),
    (2) Scroll to bottom of first page of results,
    (3) Click on "Search within results" (not Next)
    (4) Enter some additional delimiter, e.g., Virginia
    (5) Continue using "Search within results"

FREE Genealogy Sites Subscription/fee Sites



GENEALOGY SOFTWARE (JHM - older, needs updating)


USGenWeb (at/from RootsWeb)

Distant Cousins, including surname searches:
Muller, or
Brown Paul Bouse
Keller Armistead Isgrigg Phares
Burton Parks Greenlee Harper
Hannah Walton Hill Hedrick
Harman Hinkle Mosby Cox

Family Tree Searcher: Enter your ancestor information just once to search for family trees at multiple online genealogy databases, including many of those above (free).

Genealogy: Advice for Effective Searches: Answer a series of simple questions and get advice on the most effective next steps for searching your ancestors (free).


USA westward migration by date (animated)
State formation and evolution, from 1790 onward.


Counties most of interest: Franklin, Crawford, Washington, Jefferson, St. Genevieve

WEST VIRGINIA (originally VIRGINIA) sites

Counties of most interest: Pendleton, Augusta, Hardy, Rockingham, Randolph

Guide to Virginia Historical Resources

Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites - West Virginia, and Virginia

FamilySearch.org wikis -- West Virginia, and Virginia, and Virginia Genealogy

Linkpendium, West Virginia, and Virginia

Pendleton Co., WV (RootsWeb), Archives (WVGenWeb), History, and Early Life

Old Augusta County, at WeRelate.org

Hardy Co., WV (RootsWeb), Archives (WVGenWeb), Hardy-MyVirginia
Randolph Co. WV (RootsWeb), Archives (WVGenWeb), Randolph-MyVirginia, Archives (Ragland Pioneer Index)

Rockingham Co., VA (RootsWeb), Archives (VAGenWeb), Rockingham-MyVirginia

Augusta Co., VA (RootsWeb), Archives (VAGenWeb), Augusta-MyVirginia
Botetourt Co., VA (RootsWeb), Archives (VAGenWeb), Botetourt-MyVirginia
Rockbridge Co., VA (RootsWeb), Archives (VAGenWeb), Rockbridge-MyVirginia

Cumberland Co., VA (RootsWeb), Archives (VAGenWeb), Cumberland-MyVirginia
Henrico Co., VA (RootsWeb), Archives (VAGenWeb), Henrico-MyVirginia

Highland Co., VA

Fairfax Co., VA

Binns Genealogy, tax records for Virginia counties
Potomac Highlands Genealogy
West Virginia Culture and History

FamilyHistory101.com :

USGenWeb Archives:



Miscellaneous observations